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I was just wondering if this would be a good idea. Because I know I often mess with my tracks, and would like to update them, but I dont cause I dont want to hassle anyone to delete them most of the time. Just a thought....could we have an update track link on the upload page, and this way it will overwrite the original, and leave an updated marker next to it, that way people will know its been updated, and redownload if they liked the original, or something along those lines. Just an idea

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Muad'Dib Muad'Dib is a male


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Well, in my personal opinion, you don't hassle anyone by requesting a deletion, because that's out job Smile

But the idea is good. When chronic comes, he will consider it. In any case, he's very busy right now so I doubt this will be solved in the next very short period of time. Smile

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Yeah it's a nice idea, but am indeed busy atm. I'm afraid it will have to wait until April next year, I have a month off then so I can make a lot of new stuff for the site.

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drumnbass.be forum » Urban area » Bug reports & suggestions » Possible updating link for tracks?