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Check out E.S.P. tonight at 12 midnight BST (Belguim is +1) on Radio Na Life 106.4FM in Dublin & surrounding areas and worldwide on the net @ http://homepages.iol.ie/~rnl102/fuaim.html

In the 1st half of the show I'll be starting off with a varied mix, beginning on the more upbeat dancefloor tip before moving into some heavier & deeper stuff. Expect to hear new & recent bits from the likes of ASC, Phace, Teebee, Laroque, Noisia, Alliance & Cyantific & Logistics to name a few.

Then I have a heavy as feck guest mix of Breakcore & Ragga Jungle from DJ Diamond Geezer (N20 Rec's, Renegade Weed Rec's, UK). Diamond Geezer is from London, he has had releases on N2O Entertainments in LA, Sideways Recordings in LA, Renegade Weed in the UK and Freeburning Records in LA. He has been a junglist since mid 93 and has been mixing since 1999 and producing since 2000.


>> Intro
1. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – Shitmat
2. Dubplate Murder Sound – Shitmat
3. WW3 – The Bug feat. Warrior Queen
4. Blaze The Chalwa (VIP) – General Malice
5. Coppershot – General Malice
6. Insane – General Malice
7. Never Stray – General Malice
8. Diss Da Program – Capital J
9. All You Mutha-Fukken Hypocrites – DJ K
10. Dubplate Fi Kill – ODG
11. Save Dem Breath – Chaos In Motion
12. Step Up – The Disciple
13. Respect – DJ K
14. Anything Ah Anything – General Malice
15. Infiltrate Dem Bomboclaat – General Malice
16. King Of The Jungle (VIP) – ODG
17. Lil’ Stereo – Oscar Da Grouch
18. Red Red Red – Crylic
19. We Are The Ruffest – General Malice
20. On The Run – Shy FX & T Power
21. Mercy – Shy FX & T Power
22. Rasta Luv – London’s Most Wanted



Check out my Radio show, E.S.P. every Wed night at midnight on Dublin's Radio Na Life 106.4fm or on the net @
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