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These days, Im happy with just the native Logic effects & instruments. Smile

The ES1, ES2, ESE, ESM & ESP satisfy all my software synth needs.

The rest of my sounds come from hardware synths, which imo are much for intuitive and fun to create sounds with.

The only third party VSTs I use are:

Native Instruments Battery - can fault it & use it on almost everything I do when creating original drum beats.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig - only just got this after quite a while of being sceptical of it's sound. But after trying it out, I've come to the conclusion that it fucking rocks! it's extremely flexible and I could never possibly have that that in a real life setup. I just plug in my guitar & i've basically got any tone I want. Its effects are great on drums, synths etc not just guitars.

PSP MasterQ - Possibly not the best EQ plugin in the world, but I find its ease of use surpasses anything logic has to offer. I usually use it in conjuction with the logic stuff. Sounds pretty good too.
01-11-2007 21:18
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Originally posted by daze_DND
changes from time to time, but these we tend to use a lot...

Korg Legacy
Emu x2
Rob Papen synths


Could you be more specific on the FX side of things (Voxengo, PSP, ... ) Big Grin

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
01-11-2007 21:57 Homepage of BattleDrone

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I use Massive and Z3ta+ almost religiously XD
01-05-2008 02:37
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