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hi all

listen. it's been a few weeks i want to record a mix, in order to re-listen myself and, if i'm satisfied with it, post it online.

but: it wouldn't work.

i first tried to record with my pc, but the sound was really crappy (distortion). soms people said it was due to my pc.

then i tried to record with an MD but the result is the same.. crappy sound...

i'm a bit at a loss.. Confused
is the problem my mixer? (a Numark DM 3050)
does anyone know another way of recording?

thanks to anyone who might help on that matter Bigup


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14-05-2006 14:57
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I think the distrortion might be caused by the volume level. If you play to loud, like in "the red", and you record stuff digitally, the result will be constant clipping.

So next time u record a mix try to keep the volume levesl in check. If you have 2 outputs on your mixer, then lower the volume of the one ur using for recording. I don't know what program ur using to record stuff, put normally you can see the volume levels, so just make sure they never reach the top and start to clip.
In case u only have a record output on your mixer, then just lower the gain level of each channel.

Hope it helps
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I get that only when I plug into the mic input on the back of my pc, instead of the line input which is the proper place.
14-05-2006 23:21 Homepage of zebediah
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You also get this problem when you use a headphone-out to record from. (Blew a soundcard with that few years ago My Mistake )

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As said here before, use the record output of your mixer to connect to your recording device, and make sure you connect it to the LINE input, not the MIC input. Second you need to make sure you don't have any clipping. Usually I make a few short recordings and check if they sound ok, adjust the master volume if it has any clipping or distortion. On some mixers if you go into the red, the recording will clip, so you have to stay out of the red zone. Just turn up the amplifier instead of your mixer Wink

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I have those two master buttons, really handy , one for mixing and the other for recording Big Grin

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24-08-2006 23:18
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