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Any of you worried about your hearing?

Check out http://www.rnid.org.uk/ and you can get a free test by Eamon Holmes.

My hearing was 'within the normal range', so I'll be standing under the speaker stacks at SubDub tomorrow night.


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30-12-2005 21:29
Muad'Dib Muad'Dib is a male


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How can I access that test? Where can be found on the website?

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30-12-2005 23:15 Homepage of Muad'Dib
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I think you have to phone up for that one

but there is a free one here

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30-12-2005 23:58
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Originally posted by crushfuck
I think you have to phone up for that one

but there is a free one here

Nothing abnormal with my hearing according to that test, but I notice that I have problems with some higher tones the last few years. It's also only "low/mid/high" test, nothing in between so I don't think that's a very complete test...

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31-12-2005 03:27 Homepage of KoFFiE
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ohh my hearing is perfect. according to tht test anyways.
31-12-2005 09:58
Surya Surya is a male
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You can do a free hearing test in Aalst (where I live) so I'm gonna check it out Smile

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i dont seem to work . i dont hear any noise

Or my ears would be fucked up bigtime

Or something is wrong with my soundcard , settings , headphones...

02-01-2006 19:31
Peel Peel is a male


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it's fine, thanks

now that my eardrums are properly shielded I feel like the man of steel Big Grin


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I wouldn't put much faith in that free online test. I real exam tests over many bands to get an accurate frequency response curve for each individual ear. I have confirmed damage yet passed this test with flying colors and I was using a top of the line MOTU traveller interface w/ Sony MDR-7509's.
16-03-2006 04:55
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