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yz-1 yz-1 is a male

Registration Date: 06-11-2005
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Hi, i just recently registered and everytime i try to download a track im able to down it. but its now playing. ive tried 3 diff media players. it shows that ts playin but never makes a sound. plz help if anyone can. thnx

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djfreemc djfreemc is a male


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It's just standard mp3 files, so check if you speakers are on, check if everything is set up right in your audio mixer, etc. Can you play other mp3files?
It would be really strange if only files from this site don't work.

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Surya Surya is a male
The Robot


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Try www.winamp.com

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thechronic thechronic is a male


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On Windows you can play them using Windows Media Player.
On Mac play them using iTunes or Quicktime.

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border border is a male
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It doesn't look like the problem is caused by the mp3s
sinds your media players all say that it is playing.
If they weren't able to read the codec, then they would give you an error, saying that they don't have the right codec or something alike.
So it could be a problem of a volume fader in your pc, or your soundcard not being branched properly to your speakers...
09-11-2005 18:05
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