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Originally posted by Friscko
Originally posted by Surya
Wouldn't that final 3db boost make the high frequencies clip? Just normalize and then limit.

depends from track to track with me
I just boost the volume till just under the level where it starts to clip

Clipping high frequencies isn't that bad. You can hardly hear the difference, but if you boost volume after normalizing to 100%, you will have clipping, if you hear it or not...

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now i just boost , eq , compress each channel separatly and guess what... it sounds louder Roll Eyes
and sometimes i boost the whole track (master channel) with the blood overdrive , its just a track aint it , a little distortion aint that bad. Wink
so the rule is...
"its al about EQing"
"having fun" instead of going trough the theoretical part allways
"get the right samples and vst's and people"
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Originally posted by J. Wells
Lots of good advice. I prefer to send the entire mix through a set of scientific filters first, to cut down on "trouble frequencies," then an expander, compressor (liiiiightly mind you), and a brick wall limiter last. It's also useful to phase-flip one of your frequency spectrums, like the mids or highs (this adds more headroom). Also, try taking your final mix and kicking either the left or right channel forward by a tiny amount of time (like 3-5/100ths of a second) to help open up the stereo field. Or just run it through a plugin that will do it for you. You can also do that to individual tracks, but I don't recommend it for anything too rhythmic like drums, or heavily centred sounds, like basslines. (I should prolly mention that you shouldn't stack too many of these tricks on top of one another, of course. )

All the best studio tricks in the world still don't compare to what a mastering engineer can do in half an hour, though. Mastering is what gives music that clean, shiny "pro" sound. And no, I don't know how to do that. It's voodoo of the darkest kind. Tongue

ive been finding that you can get away with way more compression than you think...

and again.. a multiband compressor is KEY...
a simple compressor will do no good...

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13-03-2006 00:56
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there is a distinct limit on compression tho. the way i check if there's too much is, i drop out my track on one sound like a melody at a certain point, and if you have the sense that that melody pops out like air out of a balloon filled to bursting, there's too much compression, you've packed things in too tightly. you can get away with tons of compression in rap beats, but dnb is faster and has sound peaks flying everywhere, so its a whole different game and the compressor and limiter have to try much harder to keep up. you've got to be much more careful with what you do.
and i don't know about phasing your entire track, J.Wells.
whether setting channels off by a tiny amount of time or not, i dont mess with that. you can do it to separate sounds but personally, if you're trying to open up the stereo field, do it by panning sounds and phattening them with phaser and chorus while you're producing, not doing it all at once afterwards. and do it on headphones.
(p.s.) brick wall limiters such as the one in the ultra-rare nomad factory pack are mm mm good, very good.

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I found that compression before and/or after distortion gives much better control over the distortion itself

never used compression on the master channel though, but I do normalize and limit as described above.

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Originally posted by cynik
I found that compression before and/or after distortion gives much better control over the distortion itself

i do this for the majority of my reeces


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wel theres a lot of good informaition on here i think ill have to try some of these techneques.
13-03-2006 13:13
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