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Having a track mixed in a studio costs between 200-500 euro, having it mastered costs between 60-250 euro. If the track is meant to be published on internet for free download it is a lot of cash ofcourse and not recommended.

It's not that expensive though if the track is going to be released. Say you pay 200 euro for a 4 hour mixdown and 75 euro for a 1 hour mastering session. If you get 500 copies pressed the studio cost is only 0.55 euro per copy.

You will sell more copies with a pro mixdown and master, and you will get licensing for compilation CDs easier, which sometimes can earn some serious cash. A band I know used to sell 400-500 vinyl EPs before they got studio mixing and mastering done for them, now they sell 800+ copies of each and get around 4 licenses on average for every EP they release. In the end they earn more by paying for the studio costs.

If you made a really good track and think you make a good chance in having it signed it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in studio costs to get a better sound quality. It might help in convincing record labels to sign you, and it will pay off in the end.

BTW the prices go down a lot when you get several tracks done at the same time. If your music does not have too many channels, the tracks are not too long and you prepare your stuff well you can get 3-4 tracks mixed in one day studio time (around 400 euro) and mastered for around 250 euro.

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drumnbass.be forum » Production » Production questions & answers » Mastering » what does "mastering" contain?