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It's been out for a couple of days now. The price is $450 for the full package, $99 for an upgrade from version 1 and the upgrade for 2.0 is free.
450 bucks might seem as a lot of cash, but if you consider the fact that for this price you would be able to buy only the simplest of hardware units it's quite a bargain.

The new version has 4 new FX blocks and two new routing plugins:
RV7000 Advanced Reverb: a decent sounding reverb effect with the most important parameters available for finetuning. Nice addition to the package, hope it doesn't consume too much CPU power Wink

BV512 Digital Vocoder: a 512-band vocoder Shocked which also doubles as a 512-band graphic EQ Shocked
Now is your chance to make your own variations of 'Come over to the dark side, Luke' Big Grin

Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit: a distortion emulator with basic features. Instant hardcore Big Grin Ideal for grunging up your clean sounds and adding more grit to your basslines!

UN-16 Unison: A classic ADT / chorus effect that emulates having multiple detuned oscillators. This will even make the thinnest sound gain a lot of fatness Cool

Spider Audio & Spider CV: a tool to split and merge signals. Essential for advanced audio designing. The merging works as a very basic mixing desk with four inputs and only level faders, but it is the splitter that is most interesting -> now you can take any signal and route it through several effects in parallel which can give incredibly powerful results. In two versions: for audio and CV

Looks like the works to me Big Grin

More info and audio examples of the new plugins on propellerheads.se

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Looks nice, I should realy check it out once Big Grin

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anything changed about the audio unit? cuz i heard lots of people complaining about the quality of it and the fact that it lacks some frequencies in the mid-range or something...

still looks like a nice piece of softwareDoped
14-05-2003 11:41
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Nice upgrade Bigup and it's free Pleased that vocoder is just what i needed

14-05-2003 12:13
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very cool stuff inside
very glad to have an official version of this program

that digital reverb sim is quite awesome too

It's a spiritual thing !

16-05-2003 12:27
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