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more info about Sub-Junkz crew : http://www.sub-junkz.be/ and
about our internet radio : http://www.sub-junkz.be/sub_junkzlive.shtml

DUNGEONS & DJS aka Flavour & Druid
organise large parties in Utrecht (NL) (http://www.dungeonsanddjs.tk/) and are goin' to prove their skills tonight on our radio!

FLAVOUR (Utreg Massive, NL)

I started spinning in the year 2000, inspired by the music from: Atari Teenage Riot, The Prodigy, Junkie XL, Bad Company and Ed Rush & Optical. After messing around in my bedroom I played at my first gig in the year 2002. After that I got booked at some other gigs througout the country.

Late 2003 I started organizing a small dnb party in Utrecht: I B BASS. There were 4 very succesfull editions of I B BASS with various Dutch DJs (Bong-Ra, Fox, Eskalation, Sage & Westrum, Tyson and many more). Recently I launched a new DnB/Jungle/Breakcore party: Dungeons & DJs, the lift off is on the 17th of December 2004. For more information of Dungeons & DJs please visit www.dungeonsanddjs.tk

I play various of drum and bass styles, from jump-up, wobble to technoid. I very much like the Full Cycle sound. Favorite producers are: Clipz, Roni Size, Ed Rush & Optical, Fresh, Pendulum, Eskalation, Ram Trilogy, Simon Bassline Smith.

Check out one of my demos if you want to get to know the real Flavour sound!

DRUID (Utreg Massive, NL)

Druid's musical roots can be traced back to the oldschool Hip Hop of the NWA and Cypress Hill, the beats of Roni Size, Aphrodite and Hype, and various other subgenres and artists, including Daft Punk, the Prodigy and Underworld.

Druid started spinning in the summer of '99. The first pieces of black magic bought were fat four to the floor tunes, but soon the Drum 'n Bass virus hit, never to leave again. Experience was gained organizing two successive DJ contests, some local radio and club appearances, such as gigs organized by the DutchBreakz crew, and the NEO party in Utrecht. Other venues played include Nighttown, Tivoli, Goudvishal, Ekko and Club Mezz.

During that time the concept of a unification of the local Utrecht scene was born, and this grew to become the Utreg Massive, of which Druid is a proud member.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Baron, Twisted Individual, Total Science, Simon Bassline Smith, Generation Dub and others, his energy and demeanor are frequently compared to that of a clown on acid. His playing and production style includes everything that's remotely jumpy, wobbly, bouncy and party, with the occasional heavy roller or technoid slammer.

More info about these djs :
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Registration Date: 03-03-2004
Posts: 34

now playin!
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