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Guys, coming back here brings warm memories. Maybe even a tear in the eye. I feel like I did not get older, like all those years happened in a blink. I remember the endless discussions about which kick is the best, how to use a vocoder and how to sidechain. Wonderful times.

I remember you all, and probably will for the rest of my life. You brought joy and company in my life even though I rarely had the chance to meet up with someone in person.

I didn't let my passion die and you shouldn't too. I still work on music and this time we're going big, we hope. If you want to check it out, http://www.facebook.com/anomalianativa . we are working on our second album, a LP, and I hope we'll break through even more with it.

Do not stop. Never.

Hope to see you any time. If you ever come to the Balkans, especially Macedonia, I'll be waiting for you with a big cask with beer.

I hope I'll have the time to come by more often here.

See you guys,

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