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We proudly announce the foundation of another sublabel of Have-A-Break Recordings, which trues its focus on Dubstep: HAB STEP.


Have-A-Break / HAB Step

A. Dub Tao - Zero Gravity (Genetic.Krew Remix)
B. Genetic.Krew - Upwise

Zero Gravity was one of the most successful releases among German drum and bass imprints in 2007. No wonder that it appeared in different top ten drum & bass charts for weeks at that time and that the vinyl press were sold out quickly.

Dubstep lovers surely know this name: Genetic. Krew.
Located in Germany, he mainly might be famous for his collaborations with Jayou, Twisted and DZ (onyl to name a few), but many also know him for his great live performances and his latest releases. Dubstep veteran Genetic. Krew transformed the original classic piece into a minimal upfront dubstep track. In doing so, he managed to transport the energy of the drum and bass track to 140bpm. Satisfaction guaranteed !

Upwise on the flip is a very clear produced and modern track
Most certainly, both tracks will be found in main time playlists; exactly for what they are intented for.

Vinyl copies strictly limited to 300 – the early bird catches the worm, just bag it!


A. http://soundcloud.com/haveabreakorg/habs...-a-dub-tao-zero

B. http://soundcloud.com/haveabreakorg/habs...-b-genetic-krew

Still hot:

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Hab028– Indivision & Livewire feat. MC Fava - Out of this / Apologies
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Get Have-A-Break Recordings @

Have-A-Break / http://www.h-a-b.org
Juno Records / http://www.juno.co.uk
Redeye / http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk
Triple Vision / http://www.triplevision.nl
Chemical / http://www.chemical-records.co.uk
…and in all other good recordshops or sources for digital music.

Wholesalers contact:
Nu-Urban / http://www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk
Groove Attack / http://www.grooveattack.com
Have-A-Break / http://www.h-a-b.org

E-Mail us:

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