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Poll: Do you want a .be blog?
yes, brilliant idea 1 50.00%
no. your idea sucks. go fishin' 1 50.00%
Total: 2 Votes 100%
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Hey folks long time no see.
Here's the thing:--->>> I was thinking about opening a .be blogspot (or wordpress) with news, interviews, samples, how to's, vsts etc... anything that would be helpful to any of us and to newcomers.
I thought that anywone should be able to post on this blog (good content of course not rubbish), or post here in the article section and then move the content to the blog with his/her approval.
Also, I was thinking to have a track of the week feature, where the best track posted here gets linked on the blog so the producer gets more visibility.

Awainting your answers.

15-04-2011 20:45
BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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We do have some of that stuff on here...
It would be good to keep the content all in one place, the attractivity of the site would suffer from spliitng things up.
there's an overview of interesting production related threads - which should be available through the front page (Chron?

Seems as if Chron is so busy with other projects that he doesn't find any time to update the site anymore.

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16-04-2011 15:30 Homepage of BattleDrone
thechronic thechronic is a male


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A blog would be nice but the question is always: who's going to write the content?? We have something like a blog already (articles) but with an average of 1 article per year it's no wonder nobody looks at it.

Also I tried to keep up with writing front page posts, but it takes a lot of effort and the last one is already months ago. I also closed down the myspace page not so long ago as it was over a year since the last update.

Anyway I'm all up for turning the front page of the site into a blog, if you have a good article or news item I'll post it up there right away Smile

If you find spam on the site, please hit the button and select my name. I'll personally kick it to the murky depths of hell where it belongs! Devil
19-04-2011 20:16 Homepage of thechronic
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