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This is by my opinion very worth subject to talk about and it could become a serious discussion to rise an effect of a very professional objectivity of valuating the tracks that will definitely be in benefit as for this forum as for this website too.

Firstly, an appeal to the creator of http://www.drumnbass.be and administrator of this forum to understand if some rigid criticism is applied. Thank you.

I personally don't like the valuation of the tracks because of the aspect that everything is on the basis of totally unprofessional judgment without any objectivity involved, which means that the valuation of the tracks is in relation of the subject's taste of the emotional aspect, but not of the technical. You can make a music of only ABBA pattern and to be the worst or the best track ever, but it will have nothing in relation to the technical aspect and there could not help in any way to the producer for it's further progress. There must be some preliminary testing here on this forum (doesn't matter if someone finds the answers on internet or similar) that those interested will answer to some questions before he/she enters in the 'commission' to make the valuation. There are plenty of informations on internet that can be found and there is nothing wrong if someone wants to learn of those sources for which I am undoubtfully sure that almost everyone if not everyone is supporting my opinion. If there is need for help to think up those questions, I may be of great use here if, off course you give me credits. I am working on this for years and have a courses visited, made few tracks etc. In one word, I have the experience to help and I am not the only one here, I know that for sure.
There must be disciplinarian criticism involved for one to make the right decisions in creating tunes.
19-03-2011 15:05
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