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'Your Time' radio show with MIND & Guest mix by TKR (DE), on Intense Live.

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Archived mix (24th FEB 11) from 'Your Time' radio show with MIND featuring TKR.



Mind in the mix

01. Ludacris - Keep It On The Hush (Def Jam)
02. 2Pac -Skandalouz (Deathrow)
03. Nelly - Thicky Thick Girl (Fo' Reel)
04. Tri-Funk - untitled 749,10 (DUBplate)
05. Ideal Standard - Space Cookie (DUB, Forthcoming dubbullet)
06. Tafuri - Joller (DUBplate)
07. F-One - Still Rain (DUBstar)
08. Flatline - Dystopia (DUB, Forthcoming ModeOne)
09. Joker - Do It (Kapsize)
10. Scuba - Twitch [jamie vex'd remix] (Hotflush)
11. Jayglo & Wil Blaze - Glo Worm (DUB, forthcoming Boka)
12. Goojah - Confused (DUB, Forthcoming Sequence)
13. Von D & Mr Lager ft Phephe - Your My (DUB, Forthcoming Boka)
14. J Kenzo - Nocturnal Feelings (DUBplate)
15. Soroka - Mothership [Phonetic System Remix] (DUBplate)
15. FSOL - Papa Nu Guinea [teksteppa Dubstep Remix] (DUBplate)
16. Truth - Business Man (DUBplate)
17. Terminal 2012 - Insectum (DUBplate)
18. Kung - Mole (DUBplate)
19. The Bassist & Triage - Sleeper (Requiem Audio)
Flip The switch Section.

20. Mikis Theodorakis - Zorba The Greek

TKR in the Mix

01. Synkro - Girl (Forthcoming Mindset)
02. Twisted & Shureshotz - Aerodynamic (Forthcoming Paradise Lost)
03. The Next - Oje Pendejo (Dub)
04. Silent Cubes - Night Approaches (Dub)
05. The Next - Cant Touch This (Forthcoming Stoke Audio)
06. TKR - Breath (Twisteds Flying Carpet Remix / Forthcoming Paradise Lost)
07. TKR - Nautilus (Forthcoming Highway Patrol Album on Nexgen)
08. DJG - Chronicles (Voids One)
09. Mouch - Continuum (Forthcoming Gamma Audio)
10. Malilone - Closer To Joy (Argon)
11. Science - Motion Tween (Von D Remix / Stainage)
12. TKR - Jena Paradies (Dub)
13. Interval & Realm - Distant Sanity (Dub)
14. Boot - Reeducation (Dub)
15. Antiqute - Outro (Dub)

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TKR, born in 1982 as Thomas Schwarz, is come a long way since he first launched his musicial career in 1998 as Drum and Bass DJ in Thuringia / Germany.
After a few years of being addicted to listen to fast broken beats and co- founding a party- series, it was just a logical step for him to take his first steps in producing electronic music back in 2001, influenced by artists like Klute, Polar, Cause 4 Concern or Total Science.

After re-locating to Jena / Germany, were he still lives, his musical turning point was at the end of 2007 when he got in touch with Dubstep for the first time. This style of music was totally new to him and he was absolutely impressed by the deep progressive basslines and the slow beats. Dubstep combines all the music genres he likes, he said: I can explore a range of different tempos and styles, e.g. combine techno with dub and phat basslines with house- samples.Cause of this new musical influences he decided to leave Drum and Bass scene behind him and concentrate more on producing suchlike deep beat and basses.

The first outcome was a collaboration project with one of his best friends, Norman Bogatzki alias Mr. Boogie from Potsdam / Germany, in 2008, named Submodulation. They were a good team and soon there were results: tunes like Big Up! feat. Phokus (Scrub a Dub). During the year 2009 TKR decided to go his own way increasingly and now his production are more inspired by Dub and Minimal or soulful music. TKR’s tunes and remixes were also signed on record labels like Redvolume (SE), Paradise Lost (US) or Nexgen Records (US). With his TKR-Artworkxxx – project he is responsible for a lot of graphics for artists and label profiles on the internet, as well as a lot of party – flyer. In January 2010 he founded his own dubstep & electronic music label, Stoke Audio.


Stoke Audio (DE)
Nexgen Rec. (USA)
Paradise Lost Rec (USA)
Scrub A Dub (GB)
Fake ID (DE)
Trechant Dubs (USA)
Redvolume (S)
Forecast (HU)
Digilab (GB)




Your Time Radio information : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85213894259&ref=ts


This Way Up Artist Agency.
Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mind.html
Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk
AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
TEL: 0044 7979 325 737

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