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S.DRAY S.DRAY is a male

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is reason usable outside of it's self?i.e. can you use it with cubase SX?
24-07-2004 20:25
Surya Surya is a male
The Robot


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You can connect them with ReWire. Dunno how it works though, haven't tried it yet.

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24-07-2004 20:51 Homepage of Surya
DigitalF DigitalF is a male

Registration Date: 24-07-2004
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I've been trying to do that with reason and acid
but no results
25-07-2004 01:19
Akura Akura is a male


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Like Surya told you can connect with Cubase via Rewire. I connect Reason to Cubase to be able to use some VST's. With Rewire 2 you can allocate 64 (mono) channels so you can split up your Reason tracks into this much channels and route them apart to Cubase.
25-07-2004 11:22
Dee Dee is a male

Registration Date: 13-09-2004
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To rewire Reason in Cubase simply goto devices in the list at the top of Cubase,now click reason in the list,now you will see the Rewire box, highlighten
Mix L and Mix R. ( Reason is now reawired so remember to save this in cubase as your default song !
All the rest of the channel under this are for the hardware inface which allows you to route individual Reson modules direct to its own channel in the Cubase mixer rather than all the Reason modules being all sent through the same channel in Cubase's mixer. If you push tab while on Reason it will flip to the back where can reroute the wiring therefore enambling to route to basically what ever you want to where you want.
Good Luck Its dead simple to do as me and my friends have all been rewiring Reason for almost 3 years now.
Reason rewired with Cubase is a must !
23-09-2004 06:25
Dee Dee is a male

Registration Date: 13-09-2004
Posts: 23

If you people want audio info and help then you should check out the #audioworld on Efnet Mirc, its been running for years now and there are some very clued up people in this coummunity that could help you out with virtually any Audio or software related problem ! and ontop of that they run plenty of servers 2 serve.
23-09-2004 06:36
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