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Time traveling must exist. Here's the prove.

Noisia must have traveled forward in time to post a "How to make the Noisa - <fill in a tune> bass?" on some forum. Then patiently wait until some 14-year-old posts the answer and travel back in time to actually go make the tune.

It's impossible that Noisia actually discovered those bass sounds all by themselves.

I'm pretty sure that all those "How to make the bass from <artist>/<tune>?" questions on here are just the original artists who are time traveling as well...

Or am I getting paranoid?

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hahaha good thought m8.

but noisia are three guys working towards a goal,
or it could be three complete stoners just messing with shit till it ripps the speaker cones.
personally i vouch for the later.

m-ej is taking a few steps back from forum life.
08-02-2011 10:48
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Hahaha bigups both of you Big Grin Dance

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if u check some of the preset patches noisia made for albino they really are quite intricate and digusting hours and hours of stoned tweaking Rasta Rinse Puke

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09-02-2011 20:55
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Haha genius! Big Grin

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17-03-2011 19:45
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