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It is now possible to upload a track 2 days after uploading a previous one. 5 days was a bit long, many producers have ran into this wall already.

This upload delay is intended to prevent new producers from flooding the site with their entire backlog of tunes, as often happened in the past. The problem is that when you are working on a track and have uploaded a preview you also had to wait 5 days to upload the next preview and that is unreasonable.

I reduced it now, but I can imagine that 2 days will still seem like a long time to some people.

There are some other possible solutions: first of all allowing producers to delete their own tracks. This has been planned from the outset but never made it in the site because I lack the time to implement and test it. It would be great to have though, I bet a lot of people would love to get rid of some of their old / crappy / released / unfinished tracks.

Second solution would be to make like a flexible upload wall that takes into account your general activity stream on the site, so that new producers would get 1 or 2 upload slots, while the venerable old producers with hundreds of reviews under their belt would retain their unlimited upload slots.

If anyone has some other ideas I'd love to hear it.

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If anyone has an old tune they want to see removed from the site, just PM me with a link to the tune and I'll take care of it.

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
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Thats great Chronic- thankyou!
I'd prefer the manual system to add/delete.

I tend to post iterative wips as Im still a n00b and need the feedback to bolster my fragile musical ego Big Grin

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This is sweet coz now u could just make an intro label it so and you could get piece by piece reviews on a track would get better insight to what you want to know about what people think about certain parts of track . Nice lol @ impact fragile ego

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02-02-2011 11:09
drumnbass.be forum » Urban area » Drumnbass.be news » Upload latency changed from 5 days to 2