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Hi, I've recently begun making my own tunes on FL, and I've been searching for a nice DnB community for some time. So yeah, that explains why I'm in here! Big Grin

My name is Kristof, from Antwerp (Belgium)
I'm 16 years old and I just LOVE DnB & Dubstep ;d

Anyways, nice to meet you. I hope I'm welcome in the community, I'm looking forward to having a nice time with you all. Smile
12-01-2011 21:12
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ez man.

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13-01-2011 00:06
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Ez bro, you are welcomed with honor!

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Yo, welcome!

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
14-01-2011 00:28 Homepage of BattleDrone
Rampage Rampage is a male

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I'm new aswell place seems nice and chilled Smile

Please subscribe at my YouTube Smile

Rampage Sounds
17-01-2011 18:55 Homepage of Rampage
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