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Hi everyone. Been a while since I've been on here. Yesterday, I downloaded a refill from the Propellerheads website. Normally, I don't bother, usually because they sound a bit unimaginitive and are quite often just samples. This one is totally different and packed with tonnes of effect, combi's, Thor files etc.

The refill is the eXode - Massive Synthesis ReFill

The reason why I am putting this up is, if like me, you don't know a great deal about synthesis, you can examine the combi's etc and get an idea how to make these sounds yourself. Some of these sounds are perfect for neurofunk and other similar style.

Obviously, don't just use them as they are! Change the settings, add effects etc and learn =]

For those of you using crackwear and can't get the file from props. Tongue lol

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21-09-2010 08:23
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nice 1 brucey Bigup


21-09-2010 22:24 Homepage of Ketz
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r man .. ur great .. thanks 4 tellin us .. really nice refill Big Grin Tongue Drummer Pleased


23-09-2010 20:57
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i wear crack and i got it not bad some good pads

buy the ticket take the ride
27-09-2010 21:34
drumnbass.be forum » Production » Software » Reason » I really recommend this!