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Hi everyone, im a drum n bass emcee, 8 months ago i realised its what i wanted to do, and ive put shit loads of work in to get where i am now, Jus recently started to get sets in my home town, Got my first proper booking on oct 4th.

Here is the problem.

When im performing live on mic, after 15 20 minits passes, i start losing my voice, and my throat is realy strained! then i find it realy hard to keep punching out whole 32's without ermm..failing lol :|:| I double time mostly, and thats when it gets me. I also find it hard to project my voice over the mic anyway, Im 20 years old, i duno if ma its ma vocal chords that just aint developped proply yet or i duno?

Or is my technique wrong? can any1 help with sum tips or something, or maybe point out what am doin wrong?

Thanks in advance!! Apreciated.

05-09-2010 20:04
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how often are you practicing? and I mean practicing your entire performance? your voice should be treated like muscles, i.e, training in the gym, the more you do, the stronger it will get.

I used to sing hard core metal about 15 years ago and had similar problems at first, one thing I found was when you perform you naturally become a little tense and excited and can go a little too hard into the mic. Also try to control the level of your voice by remaining as calm and in control as possible, and let the mic and pre amps etc do the work of controlling your overall level, and most importantly, warm your voice up using vocal exercises (google vocal exercises), you can try different drinks and stuff as well which lubricates your throat.

Practice practice practice, but be sure to give your voice rest as well prior to your gig, and most of all, good luck!

hope this has been some type of help for you.

06-09-2010 13:43 Homepage of goonybag

Registration Date: 05-09-2010
Posts: 3

Thank you very much for ur reply mate, appreciated!

Erm, i supose i dont practice that much, Not over a mic anyway, maybe once or twice a week? and i dont realy stretch out a whole hours worth.
Wikid so you had the same problem then?
Will my voice naturally get stronger then the more i do it you think? i hope thats the case cos its been concerning me quite abit lol.
I dont have a very powerfull voice anyway, i aint exactly a big lad u see so sometimes i struggle to get my voice over the mic, specialy when theres a massive system pumpin out bass, n thats when it gets strained most and my bars just come out sloppy cos im concentrating more on gettin my voice over the mic if u get me?

Im gonna propa try out what u sed anyway and just keep practicin and practicin, thank you for the comment! Brook.

06-09-2010 19:07

Registration Date: 05-09-2010
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p.s just to clarify, I do practice every day with my bars n spitting them, repitition n that, but i dont practice on a mic that regular how i would when im doing a live set.
07-09-2010 18:02
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