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First of all my name is Rudy from Belgium/Gent.
Because i am not able 2 produce some good beats (i tried a lot but i just don't have the time & patience to make something usefull) Mad Cry
I wanna ask if there is anyone willing to donate me some good beats to start writing on ? ?
I have been writing/rapping 4 about 6 years now (Dutch) ... but everything i made i don't like at all .. i even deleted my soundclick !!!
I have recently been listening to the dutch rapgroup Ojajoh who uses db-beats for there raps and i am really in to there beats thats why i am asking 4 beats over here..
I think if i would have some nice db-beats my chances of making something much better would double 4 sure..
Once i made something i would send you the track fcource & 4 the rest we can talk about...
Thx in advance ...btw all help is welcome !
Grtz Rudy
23-06-2010 21:05
waveform molester


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buy the ticket take the ride
02-07-2010 18:38
sssomebody ssstop me!!!


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i think youtube would help you with making all sort of beats from hip hop, house, dubstep, dnb, you'd only have to search...
05-07-2010 03:17
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