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Hi all , I am new to FL and i am working on a song,
If I play a sample from the sample list it plays it and stops when the sample is over,but when i use it in my song it ends with a weird tone at the end of the sample

Graphical example :
Sample : [-0-0-0-0-0-0-]
problem : [-0-0-0-0-0-0------------]

You understand my problem ?
I hope someone can help me !
24-05-2010 18:20
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Yeah man, go to the channel settings of the sample,
and you have probably been using the CRF knob.

It's "Crossfade Loop", so what it does is fading between two points allowing you to loop the part of the sample in between for as long as you want.

However the Step Sequencer (you know, the thing with the 16 "buttons" you can light up to have something play in that pattern) only designate a starting point. And not an ending point.
You should, in this case, use the piano roll instead which sends both a midi starting signal and an ending signal. Right click the name of the channel/generator and choose "Send to piano roll". The piano roll will pop up, here you can insert notes and make them shorter or longer, in any case, when the "bar" showing your note ends, it will send the end signal and the sound will not loop any more.

There is a way to do this in the step sequencer too, but I will only tell you if you really want to know, and before you decide that you really want to know I'll tell you it's probably rarely used and has no advantages over this method except in very particular situations (like high-hats muting on another).

Hope this helps

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Can you explain the weird tone or attach example?

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