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Version/Lang: Full/EN

Reason for sale as have purchased Komplete. Excellent condition, opened once installed then boxed up again, also comes with a $29 coupon unused which originaly came with it. FULLY DEREGISTERED, You do need an internet connection to activate this and anyother native instruments software.

£100 start bid, £125 buy it now, currently selling on N.I for 179 euro which equates to £157.98 FREE 1st class recorded postage UK MAINLAND ONLY. Postal insurance offered at buyers discretion, see auction for further detials.

16-04-2010 13:51

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i wanna meet so crazzy human which spend so big bucks for this software :-D in our times owerfulled by warez :-DD good luck with selling
23-04-2010 09:55
D2o D2o is a male


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If it wasn't for the people buying the software there would be no people making such amazing software.

And anyway if you wanted to buy a real synth with such capabities then it would cost thousands.

Really having to hold back from being nasty


15-07-2010 19:48 Homepage of D2o
BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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A piece of software like NI Massive is worth the money... if it weren't so buggy.
Crashes on me every odd night.
@TTT31: as long as your productions keep getting the scores they get I don't see the need to actually buy a plugin.

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
16-07-2010 09:26 Homepage of BattleDrone

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ahaha too bad i got mine completely free and registered online lol !!! XD
29-10-2010 03:16
Glodaragz Glodaragz is a male
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I use sytrus, which is better for me Smile
29-10-2010 11:38 Homepage of Glodaragz
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