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Hi everyone. Just made this combi.

Just load your sound in to the nn19 and mess about with the dials.

Dial 1 changes the start of speed for the delay,

Dial 2 is the modulation speed on the delay,

Dial 3 Changes the modulation curve,

Dial 4 is the start position for the sample.

How it works is the the sample is put through the delay as the delay time is changing, thus giving a kind of stretch and speeding up effect. Just play with the dials until you find something you like.

enjoy Happy

unknown auto scratch.cmb (3.31 KB, 891 downloads)

Drink Drool Gaga Tomato

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22-02-2010 07:56
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yeah thats actually a reason bug, so its awesome, gotta love computer bugs!

to get more results, try with different Khz settings - it makes a different sound at 44, 48, 96 Khz....

25-02-2010 06:56 Homepage of cynik
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Originally posted by cynik
yeah thats actually a reason bug, so its awesome, gotta love computer bugs!

I don't actually think its a bug. Its a feature inherent to the old digital hardware delays back in the day


25-02-2010 09:41 Homepage of D2o
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oh yeah I've done that loads with the DD1 Delay thing... it's weird; if you assign a controller [rotaries or sliders] to the Delay and use a snare sample, it can sound sorta 'slimy' .. good stuff

CtMc Cool
18-04-2010 23:53
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