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Hey wuz up guys! Question! Can any1 tell me how they mix in the next song step by step? what EQ's do u use the most when mixing? High? Mid? Low? well i know LOW is 1 of the most important 1's. O if u have time can u explain the 4/4 bar thing.....I know this mayb sum dumb questions, but wat the hell i gotta know Big Grin thanx in advance!
15-01-2010 05:25
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Mixing is either done with a program (Virtual DJ, I think Ableton Live too) or with turntables and a mixer. The idea is that you have one track playing on your first deck (100% volume), and you load up a second track on the second deck (0% volume). You beatmatch the second track so that its the same tempo as the first one and cue it up at the point you want, then you press play at a decent point like at the beginning of a sixteen bar measure or at a second drop or something. Then slowly you can slide the crossfader over from deck one to deck two and it slowly adjusts the volumes automatically, bringing deck one's volume down while increasing the volume of deck two. This is a pretty basic example of how mixing works.. EQs aren't used except for very specific effects.

I will let someone else explain the 4/4 bar thing because I don't think my terminology with that is up to snuff.
15-01-2010 19:33

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o ok. thanx for the feed back i appreaciate it alot! O another dumb question.....what the hell does a sixteen bar measure look like Huh lol. o ya i'm about 2 get traktor scratch pro.....bye the way....thanx!
15-01-2010 20:43
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first search result on google...

My Sounds
16-01-2010 12:16

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weird dude but not too bad
09-02-2011 23:26
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Originally posted by isotope_dnb

weird dude but not too bad

yea weird dude for sure, but he's got some interesting points.

follow me here:

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02-03-2011 19:02
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here you go !


03-05-2011 00:46
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