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'Your Time' dubstep radio show with MIND B2B TRADEMARK & special guest SPHERIX, on Intense Live.

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Archived mix (22th October 09) from 'Your Time' radio show with MIND B2B TRADEMARK & special guest SPHERIX!.

'Your Time' radio show with MIND B2B TRADEMARK & special guest SPHERIX!


Mind B2B Trademark in the mix:

01. Steve Foulds - Gentle Seduction [DFRNT Remix)] (DUBplate)
02. Alix Perez [feat Truth & Lynx] - No Grudge (Shogun Audio)
03. Data & Altair - Pilgrim (DUBplate)
04. Babylon System - Shevil (Argon Records)
05. Benga - Wobblers (Big Apple Records)
06. Benga & Walsh - Addicts (Texture Records)
07. Caspa - Scared of the Unknown (Subsoldier Records)
08. Kontext – Plumes [Relocate Remix] (Immerse Records)
09. The Next [Featuring TKR] - I Want You (DUBplate)
10. Psychonaught - Minor Eleventh (DUBplate)
11. Marlow - Road Kill (Hotflush Recordings)
12. Martyn - Natrual Selection ft. Kid Drama (3024)
13. Martyn - Vancouver (Scape)
14. DiverseConcepts - Come (DUBplate)
15. Monkey - BUBB (Pesky Plates)
16. mRjOSEPH - Dub Lovin (DUB, Forthcoming Future Thinkin)
17. Massive Music - Find My Way (Hyperdub)
18. Enei - Xaram (Subway Records)
19. Wedge - No Surrender (3.5 Records)
20. Ike Release - Cool Blue (Trackdonalds)
21. Kito - Spill (DUBplate)
22. Lady Destiny & Crazy D - Done With [Fused Forces Remix] (DUBplate)
23. OSC - Rocker's Delight (Steps in Time Records)
24. South3rn - Muslim Dub (Lo Dubs)
25. Phazeman - Shapeshifters (???)
26. Tes La Rok - Higher State (DUBplate)
27. Undertow - Forgive & Forget [VIP] (DUBplate)
28. Seven - Saturn (DUB, Forthcoming Subway Records)
29. Blackheart - Dumdumz (Bassism)
30. RUF - Rudebwoy Riddim (RedVolume Records)
31. Kromestar - Ghostown (Fantastic 3)
32. Kromstar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96 (DUB, Forthcoming Bass & Love Records)
33. DJ Madd - Blue Soul (DUBplate)
34. Truth - Stay (DUB, Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)

Spherix in the mix:

1. Spherix / Sigha - separation (Immerse)
2. Spherix - the wolf (DUB, Forthcoming Lowercase)
3. Spherix - structure and function (DUB, Forthcoming Lowercase)
4. Spherix - in the dark (DUB, Forthcoming Lowercase 001)
5. Spherix and kwality - shiver (DUB, Forthcoming Lowercase)
6. Joeseven - fool [Spherix remix] (DUBplate)
7. Sigha - blush (DUBplate)

Download Link 1: (left click link, and download from the website)

Download Link 2: (left click link, and download from the website)

Your Time Radio information : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85213894259&ref=ts

Updates on Spherix.


Based in Victoria, Australia.

SPHERIX, a.k.a. Josh Lamaro is without a doubt; one of Australia’s most successful Dubstep artist.

His musical aptitude developed early; experimenting with piano and sampling, then in the late 1990’s his first foray into electronic music production came in the form of Drum and Bass, influenced by the stripped down aesthetic of Tech-Step, going on to release on some of the scenes leading record labels.

Drawing from his love of multiple genres and incorporating his early love of minimal techno, dub and hip hop, Spherix has developed a very unique sound, influenced heavily by minimal and dub techno; a sound that has hit the world hard gaining DJ support from the scenes leading artists including Tes La Rok, Jakes, Scuba, Cyrus, Headhunter, Ramadanman and Untold to name a few as well as picking up a number of high profiled international releases on labels including Tube 10 (Subway Parent label), Bare Dubs, Subcontinental Dub and On The Edge Records, as well as forthcoming releases on Immerse and 3.5 Recordings.

Spherix has toured the south pacific, headlining shows around New Zealand and Australia as well as supporting international acts such as Tes La Rok, Chase and Status, Pinch and Bryan G to name a few. Highly regarded as Australia’s number one dubstep export, unsurprisingly Spherix is equally at home behind the decks, delivering fresh, innovative DJ set’s ensuring the highlight of any event and matching his high calibre production.

Just launching the Lowercase records imprint Distributed exclusively by Triple Vision which is set to be a huge label!

Forthcoming releases:
Spherix - Rule of three (3.5 Records)

Plus a bunch of new tunes on Lowercase

Recently released:

Spherix & Sigha / Spherix - Seperation / Lesser People (Immerse Records (UK), IME014)

- http://www.myspace.com/mindsmusik

- http://www.myspace.com/djtrademarkgrubbydubs

Booking Mind:
This Way Up Artist Agency.
Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mind.html
Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk
AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
TEL: 0044 7979 325 737

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Thank you for sharing the download - MIND b2b TRADEMARK & SPHERIX .
24-11-2010 12:05
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