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Hi to all staff and members, We are really glad to be part of this forum!
We are starting a nu label, the newborn "FLOPPYDISK RECORDS" , our two first releases will be available starting from 15th December thorugh

Beatport, Dj Download, Juno Download and probably Wasabeat, so, we are searching for producers and remixers interested in collaborations, we are

especially searching for producers involved to partecipate to our first "Remix Contest"

Anyway,, You can send us your demo only via RAPIDSHARE, YOUSENDIT or other ftp replacement site (PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR TRACKS DIRECTLY BY

E-MAIL, because unfortunately any message great more than 1mb will be automatically delected by our server), please send the link to the zipped

folder at this email:


Please, read our press release and remember to write your artist name next to the title of every track, attach your bio (*.pdf) and one image

(800 px x 800 px)
Please use a zipped folder and don't send us more than 3 tracks at the same time.

FDR Staff
PRESS RELEASE HERE “Floppydisk records” is an independent label that dabbles most of all on electronic music that goes through and shuffles up different kind of waves such as dub, dubstep, chillout, downbeat, d'n'b, jungle, triphop and exploring all their different moods. We choose this name and this concept because today’s trend of ‘perfection’ in communication reminds us less of our past when communications were ‘imperfect’ and anything that glitches brings us closer to experiencing that past. This is partly why glitches are sometimes coupled with retro aesthetics, and it may be part of the reason for their appreciation. Glitch artists who were children of the eighties and nineties may comment on this especially. So, we like errors and glitches, noisy sounds and low-res aestetic, and even if in a technical sense a glitch is the unexpected result of a malfunction, usually caused by damaged magnetic support or corruptions due to insufficient memory or datamoshing which deliberately exploits compression artifacts, we love it!!! This are the main caracteristic of Floppydisk music: fragmentation (shifted parts or elements of the original sounds as well as tonal changes) replication/repetition (the visual cloning or repetition of any given part of a sound or an image) linearity (as a result of digital’s interlacing and pixel structures) complexity (manifestation of the immense series of code beneath any piece of digital media) Floppydisk offers a continuous bristle of yummy novelties offering always nu releases every two weeks and our philosophy is in believing in the most total collaboration between our team and the various artists, so to maintain undamaged and pure the label's groove and identity. Hope this could fit but, if you have any other questions about the Floppydisk world, please let us know

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