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Hi everybody! I need some good VST instrument for making drums. I'm using Cubase, but Its hard for me to find some good VST instrument... Know anybody any great one?
28-10-2009 00:15
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If your talking about romplers, everyone is smashing Addictive Drums right now.
Noisia, Sub Focus etc use it. Its awesome for that live rock sound that is big right now.

Hope that helps.


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Use one-hit samples and breakbeats for drums.
Use compression and distortion to get them beefy
SPL attacker is good (see front page of this site).

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I second the notion that Addictive Drums is a great VST. I use it and it is great, it is very dynamic. One example is when you sequence an open hi-hat and then a closed hi-hat after the open hi-hat it will stop the open hi-hat when the closed one starts instead of having the OPHH sample decay into the closed hit. Makes any sort of hi-hat/ride/cymbal sequencing sound very fluid and real. There's also a great customization of each individual hit, you can build your own kit and place the mics where you want so you can get really tight drums or you can get a very acoustic, reverb heavy feel to your drums. Also comes with compressors, EQ and distortion for each individual element. Its fairly cheap and I highly recommend it.

But that being said, I never use it alone. I always use it to build a live-sounding break and then throw it behind other samples, like one shots and breaks. I would never recommend doing all your drums in one VST, you need some high quality samples. And if you are a huge one-shot pimp like BattleDrone, you can build some sexy drums with just single samples.

Oh yeah and I only use Addictive Drums so I can sound like Noisia. Roll Eyes
10-11-2009 06:41
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