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You can place ads in this forum if you want to sell / buy stuff.

* The following articles are allowed:
- hardware (synths, samplers, consoles, microphones ...)
- software (only music related and **ONLY ORIGINAL SOFTWARE INCLUDING BOX AND MANUALS**)
- records / CD's (**NO COPIED STUFF**)
- DJ stuff (decks, mixers, cd-players, minidiscs, headphones ...)

* Specify whether you want reactions in the thread or by PM only
* You can include prices if you want to, or ask people to make offers in PM
* You can attach images to your post, or include images hosted on other sites
* Tell if people can come and test the gear
* Also let know if you want to send the stuff in the mail / UPS or if you want to deliver the gear / have it picked up

If you find spam on the site, please hit the button and select my name. I'll personally kick it to the murky depths of hell where it belongs! Devil
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nice one,hope i'll find a lot of descent vinyls here.
thanx for the new board Big Grin


18-02-2003 12:36
Friscko Friscko is a male
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an tell where you come from.
doenst matter if it's in ur profile or in ur post.


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