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hi, EVERYONE! Big Grin

in another thread i asked if its ok to give each instrument its own mixer? i was told to do so only if im going for sub mixes.

but if i make submixes for every instrument???
coz, for example, if i give an effect to an instrument (all effect patches, dynamics, drums), it takes TWO channels.

so if im tending "to go wild" i might get out of channels... Drummer

i also downloaded some tutorial reason files from propellerheads.se to take a look at. there was this file where the main mixer already had 4 reverbs.
so i asked myself how to add any other "SENDER / AUX effect"???

so is it a bad idea to go for sub mixes IN GENERAL???
my intention is to sound as clear as possible

my example (how i put things in order):

mixer 14:2 BECAUSE of the aux channels (so i have 4 aux channels for every instrument; reverb, delay)
instrument + whatever i need to "create" my sound.

ok way to go? Confused


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u can do it this way, u can do it many many many ways reason is area of unlimited possibilities Drummer

consider that send oux only add reverbed signal to your audio signal no change based signal !!!

u wil get signal from your instrument + signal from aux
no only signal from your instrument changed by send FX !

sory about my english i am plenty noob Devil
12-09-2009 10:19
drumnbass.be forum » Production » Software » Reason » can you help me with SUB MIXES?