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How is current value making this insane snare.

Could anyone suggest what it is ? Snare ? industrial ?
What effects do you reckon he used to get that sound loose snare?

Any help, cheers guys.
12-09-2009 00:54
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go and experiment and make a better snare Wink
12-09-2009 01:51
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I don't consider it too heavy. I mean, it is corespondent to some metalic hits (like hammer against a metal plate or similar) but not something too heavy.

Take/record a metallic sound, add a thumping power snare, and I think you'll get the same (and maybe even better). Pleased

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I read an interview in a magazine where Current Value said he puts most of his pots and pans in a washing machine and records it to get his drums..

Jokes mate Tongue If you listen carefully to his snare you can pick it apart. Listen to the very punchy attack layered on top of a resonant snare, then listen to the tail of a metallic snare that is tuned an octave above the other snare that comes in after the initial punch. It's all layering and EQ mate, you won't get a sound that massive from one source.

Check the samples section for a metallic snares pack, it's really good stuff that will get you started.

Also, definitely get creative with your samples. I have found samples of valves opening etc. that are very useful for achieving an industrial sound, which Current Value almost has.
14-09-2009 13:11
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Timestretch on a low pitched pipehit then close the cutoff filter towards the end.
Layered with the attack of a real snare (but just the attack).
There's a volume envelope on the pipehit to have a slowed down attack, so you don't hear the actual metal hit but just the snare hit followed by a metallic "tail".

That isn't a heavy snare btw.

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Snares like that make me want to stick hot pokers down my ears so i can never hear them again


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thats very close sounding to a real snare where the leather has been loosened a bit. add a bit of right reverb and distortion on top

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Bummmpppppppppp. xD ...

XLN Audio - Addictive drums. Current Value's secret weapon.. not so secret anymore though.. cuz he literally did an interview for them and worked on theirr latest vst.... http://www.xlnaudio.com/ thats where he mainly gets his heavy drums from.. not this silly talk of layering. (: jk though im sure he really tweaks them but basically the raw samples of this vst are already very realistic. check it out.
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I can tell you how I make metalic sounding drums like this, and like in the Metalic Snare pack. I do it in Reason, but I'm sure you can do something similar in most any DAW

The trick is distortion. But it only works on certain kinds of snare samples. Mostly regular "natural" sounding snares (you know, like the ones sampled from an actual snare drum) seem to work best. What you need is one with a bit of a tail and of course some punch at the beginning. The shittier (for DnB use, that is, not quality wise) the better it seems.
I use the Scream 4 at Tape setting and apply quite a good amount of distortion. P1 is turned all the way up.
Then I use an EQ to bring out the metalic sound and bring the hiss that comes with this technique down a bit. I didn't apply that last part for the sample pack, so they all sound a bit sharp.

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