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Anyone use it?

I remember trying it a few years back and I thought it sucked at the time. But, I didn't give it a proper chance.

A few people on other forums have been rating. Is it worth downloading it again, or can everything it does, be done in Reason?

Drink Drool Gaga Tomato
21-07-2009 01:47

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if you have reason its worth adding in to mess with but its a simple case of the right toy for the right job. rebirth has its place but in some tracks its place is OUT!

it has some nice basics in it, add some nasty distortion and it can be interesting, but so can the vsti of the novation bass station if you know what i mean.

get it, mess with it, keep it in the corner for a rainy day. thats my advice, you can never have too many toys / options!

26-08-2009 19:23
drumnbass.be forum » Production » Software » Reason » rebirth?