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I just found these videos about music. I've watched only the first one yet, but i found it pretty interesting. Definitely worth the watch.
(Could be a bit shorter tho its 4*50 min)
You can find them HERE.

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good find man Big Grin Drummer
21-07-2009 18:21
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i been watching this when i can, i fucking love, it love it love it, it really elps me rember training and such, it's got everything you need for music. best, 100% top notch, i love it.

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I've only watched the first one so far. Really interesting film. I am actually recognising some of the ways the melodies are constructed using five notes. Also the dischords. Big Grin

Great find.

In this article about the series. Someone has written how to download the vids using Firefox.


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05-08-2009 00:35

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Brillant vid. loved it ! Drummer
20-08-2009 07:45
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