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brucifer brucifer is a male
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I was wondering if it was possible to have a radio station on this site, playing the current tracks in the music section. I was thinking like a 2 minute section of each track. This would allow some exposure to some of the less listened to artist and it might help some people get reviews. I don't do as many reviews as I used to, partly because, someone is using up all our broadband and I'm getting lazy in my old age Huh Big Grin If I heard an excert from a track and it caught my attention, I am more likely to review it...

It would also allow artists to compare there track to others more easily for mastering ect.

Drink Drool Gaga Tomato
24-06-2009 07:48
BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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radio would have some side effects...

- Having to pay taxes because of broadcasting.
- People screaming to make it stop (like the auto play jukebox we used to have).
- Someone needs to manage it somewhat.

I'm in the proces of setting up a FL 10 compatible jukebox for the site so we could have the old situation again.

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
24-06-2009 11:09 Homepage of BattleDrone
cynik cynik is a male

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how about two players, the other would play previews. the way it is now it plays only finished tracks, the previews never make it to the player.

24-06-2009 11:17 Homepage of cynik
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