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Registration Date: 12-05-2009
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I've been looking for phat dnb loops for a long, long time...

Just wanted to say thank you, there is no way i can express just how grateful I am for you guyz/girlz
12-05-2009 17:31
thechronic thechronic is a male


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You're welcome Happy

If you find spam on the site, please hit the button and select my name. I'll personally kick it to the murky depths of hell where it belongs! Devil
12-05-2009 17:55 Homepage of thechronic
cynik cynik is a male

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Originally posted by synthwulf
there is no way i can express just how grateful I am for you guyz/girlz

yes there is - make some good sounds and post em! Big Grin

12-05-2009 18:40 Homepage of cynik
Puzzle Puzzle is a male


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We could make this the "official thank you thread" - Dotbe deserves it Tongue

So thanks dnb.be for pimping my production skillz Wink

12-05-2009 20:21 Homepage of Puzzle
Pytchlocka Pytchlocka is a male
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Registration Date: 25-07-2008
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Thx dnb.be !! For letting me upload my tracks, listening to them, and giving me some very helpful critique. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
12-05-2009 21:51 Homepage of Pytchlocka
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thank you dot.be for bringing such a great group together Big Grin x x x


13-05-2009 03:19 Homepage of CULTURE BOY
Sundancer Sundancer is a male
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thanks .be for the orgies!

Add me up on MySpace (link changed): myspace.com/SundancerDnb
13-05-2009 08:58 Homepage of Sundancer
Uberchile Uberchile is a male

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[Thnx .be for creating the earth.]

"In the beginning when .be created the Drum and Bass, the track was formless and desolate......."

Then .be commanded "Let there be Beats"....and beats started playing.

.be was pleased with what he saw....

Then he seperated the light from the darkeness, and he named the light "Liquid" and the darkness "Neuro/Techstep/Darkstep/Breakcore".

That was the first day.

[Excerpt Genecys 1:1-5] - The Great book of DnB


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14-05-2009 12:45 Homepage of Uberchile
Ketz Ketz is a male
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Thank you master dotbe for teaching me your secret dnb technique, i am yet to master the legendary "neuro style" but masters noisia and teebee provide much encouragement and motivation with their mindblowin hidden techniques... back to honing my skills in the mountains with erm... my laptop Big Grin

but seriously - much love and respect for this place! Hug Gangsta


14-05-2009 22:31 Homepage of Ketz
Muad'Dib Muad'Dib is a male


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Thank you .be for letting me grow and mature with you.
My life wouldn't have been the same, nor better, without .be.

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There is no such thing without its opposite
-Bene Gesserit
15-05-2009 02:29 Homepage of Muad'Dib
Krisch Krisch is a male
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thank you dotbe for all of the stuff the guys mentioned above me
15-05-2009 11:29 Homepage of Krisch
Age Break Age Break is a male
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well a big thanks from me tooBig Grin
this forum helped me alot already and I'm just starting here Tongue



The One - Age Break
01-02-2010 16:13
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