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i can now review tunes.

but one thing i find odd, and it's seems to be pointed out directly, but how EQ and COMPRESSION are tried to be in 2 different fields. they are one and the same. even the way it's listed seems to suggest that compression is and effect separate of EQ. compression is a form of EQ. EQ "Equalization is used to manipulate the timbre of musical instruments and sounds."

any instrument that gets compressed the loudest frequencies get pushed down the quieter ones increase. it's just dynamic, it can even be used to target specific frequencies using a de-esser.

but whatever, i guess most people wouldn't think of it that way, but still i wouldn't think of it as an effect like a delay or distortion. side-chain i would think of as more and effect, but .. meh,,,


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I can see what your point is, but I feel it is good to keep them apart for voting. Compression and EQ are still very different skills even though they do influence eachother. Someone can have a good feel for EQ but compress a tune to shit, so imo having them seperate is useful for voting.

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EQ and compression the same Huh

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