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I was reading on the Dogs on acid forum, and lots of people were talking bout resampling their basses, and i thought it wouldnt do that much. But when i heard a before and a after, i was amazed how cool the sound was.

I was wondering, do you guys resample your basses? If so how do you do it, i would like to do it. But i dont have a hardware sampler. (i guess it would be possible if i buy a korg esx, record some bass, load the sample in the esx, and record it with audacity, and then load it in nn19?).
19-02-2009 22:31
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Load up a new Reason document, make a bass patch on one of the synths, subtractor, thor whatever, draw or play a note on the piano sequencer (c3 or whatever for however long you want it in terms of bars?)

Add some fx devices if you want.

Set the L+R on the piano sequencer around your bass track on the piano sequencer.

File > Export Loop. (44,100khz 24 bit / 44,100khz 16 bit dithered or 48khz 24bit wav)

If you want to export it from a document thats already a song then just solo the channel you want to extract.

Then you can load the exported wav into a nn-19 or nn-xt.

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ez mate yeah resampling can give u some good results, all about experimenting really. i do it myself in Reason, all u do (theres soo many ways you could go about it and theres looooads of combinations possible in ur processing sequence) but generally i do it in this way:

make a bass sound using one of the synths in Reason (i tend to use thor nowadays mainly) or just use a decent reece sample either way. export a long maybe 8 bar sustained C note (or even play a basic melody) export that as lee said above and just re-import the sound into ur NN-19 (or NN-XT), try automating some filters through it (notch filters always give some nice results), also try using more fx to beef ur sound up (scream), keep on exporting ur sequence, adding more each time be it lfos, filters, more porcessing, anything goes really! anything that helps u get more movement and texture in ur sound

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