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I have redone the calculation of the tracks' star ratings from scratch. Some time ago there were reports of mysterious 'jumps' in the track ratings, where a single vote that was cast could have a huge influence on the rating of a track. This was caused by a bug in the calculation. In some rare occasions a single vote would receive too much weight, and if this vote was much lower or higher than the average the rating could drop or rise by as much as two stars.

I have now reprogrammed the rating calculation. The calculation is now done in a different way and because of this it is possible that some of your tracks have received a different score. If this is the case it means that the old score was affected by the bug and the current score is correct.

From now on the ratings should stabilize much quicker and any sudden jumps should be eliminated. Be aware that small jumps are normal when a track has only a few votes (less than 10), as the larger the number of votes the better the averaging works.

If you notice any problems with casting votes, please post here!

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Nice going!

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