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If you want to you can put youtube videos inside your posts. All you need is the identification code of the video, which is a code of 11 characters (consisting of letters, numbers and possibly a minus or an underscore). This can be found inside the URL (web address) of the video on youtube, following the identifier 'v=' (stands for 'video ='). Any '&'-sign following the identification code is NOT part of the code.

Once you localized this code just plunk it inbetween some youtube tags, like this:

>>> [youtube]clWjfQ_xeAQ[/youtube] <<<

thanks to Battle for the great idea  Bigup  

thechronic has attached this image (reduced version):

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Nice one ...

On AF I tried a script called aeva which checks urls from many sites and auto embeds the data but I found that script a bit buggy on my theme for some reason so I opted for the youtube bbcode instead except we just have to copy the direct link and place between brackets.

Anyway nice one Bigup and thanks for adding mr. shakeshark.

I have quite a few others similar to that one !!!! Shakeshark Big Grin


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great stuff chron! Bigup


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