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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm using the wrong forum, I'm relatively new to this site.

The "Tunes" section confused me a bit, as it seems only producers may put their tunes there. The problem is I am fairly (ok, if not completely) new at making music myself, and I really wanted to post some of the drumloops/patterns I made. That way I could receive some constructive critics from the more experienced musicians.

Am I allow to post my sample on that section as well, or do we have no section for that?

(Sorry again if this was the wrong section, you may delete this if you want) Wink

Cheerios !

- Jakob aka. Mongrel
18-01-2009 16:49
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Welcome to the site!!

It is no problem if you upload unfinished work, rough ideas etc. Drum loops fit in there perfectly. Make them into an mp3 of a few bars (ideally with some variations in them) and upload them to the tunes page. In the upload page you can explain what you are doing in the "info" box. Write a short text here explaining that you are trying to improve your drum programming skills and ask for some tips. Make sure you mark the upload as a 'preview'.

Mind that you need to have producer rights to be able to make uploads. This is quite easy to get, you just need to write a couple of reviews. There is a link on the Music page that explains how to do this.

If you have general questions about making music, check out the Production Question and Answers forum.
If you have more specific questions about the software you work with you can post these in the relevant forums: Software forums.

If you find spam on the site, please hit the button and select my name. I'll personally kick it to the murky depths of hell where it belongs! Devil
18-01-2009 16:53 Homepage of thechronic

Registration Date: 16-01-2009
Posts: 4

Thanks you for that very detailed response. That was exactly what I was hoping for.

I'm a noob at these kind of things, but I'll figure it out eventually. Thanks again Wink

Over and out

- Mongrel
18-01-2009 20:20
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