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Originally posted by dj eskay
This weekend we had a dicussing about drum n bas sets by djs like jiuce blenders , crossfire , goodfella ,...
There where a lot people that said that djs make a dj set and then spin it for a month and then work at a new one .
Is this true or not ?


Well i can t say for the other peeps mentioned (but i seriously doubt it be the case, i know them pretty well) but my fellow-mystics the juice blenders don't do that stuff. Shure some tunes might return in a set....but 'chewing' it all before a performance is very, very, lame imo...always hear that stuff coming from a mile away.
Don't get me wrong: i don't mind i few 'prepared' combo's... but (IMO!) a set is mainly about reading the crowd and feel what needs to be played at that point (how you gonna do that when you prepared yr set up front?).

You would be suprised how many 'big time playaz' do this..... im not there biggest fan.....


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23-04-2005 10:11
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