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Phazzy Phazzy is a male
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im running out of ideas for EXCITING mixes.

has anyone got any diverse techniques theve heard recently that they would like to share

03-03-2004 11:33
thechronic thechronic is a male


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I've been thinking for some time about the possibilities you could have when you use a sampler while mixing. I don't spin myself but I can imagine the stuff you could do when you mix in sampled loops with records, and even sample parts of records live to reuse them later in the set. Maybe a good idea??

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03-03-2004 21:58 Homepage of thechronic
djfreemc djfreemc is a male


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you can definately do some nice things with samples as thechronic says, I try it from time to time, but I guess I'm just not good enough to use it in such a way it can add much to my mix. Need to have some more practice on that I guess. Also nice and always fun to use are some effects, just don't overdo them, cause they can ad some punch, but they can also totally fuck up a mix or a set. I don't really know your style of mixin', but just playin with the eq can also give it some more, but again, don't overdo it.

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07-03-2004 09:46 Homepage of djfreemc

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you can play with the faders.
for example:
take the snair of a beat, en paste it with the fader in place of the snair on the tune that your here.

cut out some drumfill when you already mix two records, or just paste them in without mixing.( but still you have to beatmatch)

just try, there are a lot of tricks that you can do with the faders. i love the them Cool Big Grin
02-09-2004 21:57


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learn turntablism. stuff like beat juggling and learning how to pause a record 1/2 beat during the mix and returning it by doing the same to the other 16 or 8 beats later. Just keep at it. I am a little agianst the use of samplers by dj's because the skill needed to wow a crowd isnt enough to warrant such a responce. stick with 2 turntables and a mic.
13-11-2004 11:15
Mc D.O.C.

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Yes indeed: all about the turntablizm: might wanna check some Mixologists styles 'n co... use your set up as an instrument:


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14-11-2004 06:15
Nasty&Twisted Nasty&Twisted is a male
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just try to be creative in the mix: scratching, teasing tunes, double drops, cutting, beat juggling,....
03-12-2004 19:47
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