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Registration Date: 02-10-2008
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i just bought a brand new laptop, to accommodate my manic layering as my last one wasnt enjoying it too much! installed reason fine, everything went fine but for some wierd reason:-

%30 of the tunes wont let me open...

%20 let me open them but not save

and the rest are fine...

what the bloody hell is going on?! i need this sorted quick so i can get my vinyl releases out

02-10-2008 10:52
Ketz Ketz is a male
Thinking outside the box...


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have u registered with Propellerhead software? they can always help if you have this problem...

my only advice would be to uninstall and then reinstall Reason on ur laptop.

Alternatively on ur old pc / laptop save ur rns files all as self contain and try reopening on ur new laptop, may work?


02-10-2008 11:28 Homepage of Ketz
cynik cynik is a male

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does it ask for missing files? remember the folder structure of the used samples must be exactly the same as on the previous setup... the thing with not saving is confusing tho Confused

02-10-2008 11:53 Homepage of cynik
hi , always make sure "ALL" your files r on the laptop from u`r old computer , as it maybe cant find them , like cynik said the structure of where the files come from needs to be the same , cause it picks the samples from where evrer they r in a folder , always make sure u`ve loaded all u`r old samples and then click on the search and proceed button then once its found the samples , "SAVE" the tune again and u wont have a problem , but only when u `ve found them all in the track !!!!

if its not that then my advice is to reinstall it like my man ketz said , not sure why it wont save , but the only thing i would have thought it was , is that its not registered propperly !!

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02-10-2008 18:07
Tha Krane

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I had the same problem when i got a virus... i would pretty much ditto what everyone else said...
02-10-2008 19:41
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