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I hope someone can help me with this...

I have R4, and I have found that when I use NYC style/Parallel Compression on my kick and snare, the sine wave bass distorts.

When I solo just the bass, it sounds fine. When I solo the drums there is no distortion. However with both elements running the bass distorts and sounds crappy.

Anyone have any ideas?
23-09-2008 16:04
Tha Krane

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i'm not sure but it might be due to equalizing the bass and drums separately?
25-09-2008 15:56
Ketz Ketz is a male
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Mate can you clearly explain how you have set your instruments up in Reason? Maybe its just clipping? Simple EQ could solve the problem?

Sorry man if I understood your set up more clearly could possibly help out Big Grin

ps I hear about NYC Compression from a mate, haven't tried it but the concept is pretty simple so I may give it a go sometime...



25-09-2008 15:58 Homepage of Ketz
BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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When the bass distorts although it is not affected by the NYC compression it must be that the compressed elements are simply too loud because of the compression. Try lowering their levels and see if the situation improves.

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Unfortunately I don't know how to make it more clear than I have previously...

I have about 11 drum layers. In R4 I am running about 8 mixers, each independent of one another (i.e. sub mixing - a drum sub, a kick sub, a snare sub, a breaks sub etc etc etc etc etc.........)

I am only running the NYC compression on the main drum sub, the kick sub and the snare sub. I.E. I have NYC compression running on the kick and snare channel very obviously. I have high compression running on the kick and snare channels, alongside the regular output.

On the drum bus I have high compression at a moderate level running alongside the regular uncompressed signal.

All of this should not be a problem. Friends using Logic 8 and Cubase have no problems in this regard. I should jump ship!!!

I am using R4 for now. This means no plugins and apparently no parallel compression.

If you haven't experienced this problem in R4 I probably don't need your speculation.

And to Battledrone thanks for your input, unfortunately I have another mixer wired in line before the master to make sure there are no clipping issues. Of course there I have made sure there are no clipping issues before the master.

27-09-2008 15:27
Binary Havoc Binary Havoc is a male
Binary Havoc


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Hey man

Sounds like a wierd issue

I use parallel compression on drum channels in R4 and never came across this

any chance you can upload the rns?? might make it easier to understand / advise


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