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i'm not agressive AT ALL but last saturday i felt like i had to beat up someone,thank god i stayed calm but it was difficult tho


17-02-2003 20:11
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Originally posted by Azer
They where invasing silo this weekend,
but i've used techronic's move and it worked Big Grin

But actualy if you give them an angry look Evil they
will go away to. Big Grin Devil

Well I was there too and there were alot of people some with backpack but it didn't bothered me . It bothered me that some dopeheads stood next to the mc . Even one skipped the needle with his hand , but Fierce handled it Smile *MEP* . They don't have respect for the music , DJ/MC and partypeople .


25-02-2003 16:07 Homepage of LoRd
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