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Hi people,
I have just bought a new pc as part of a general upgrade in my whole studio setup. Previously i have been using a cracked version of cubase sx 3 and want to go legit. But im not sure which program to buy.

I think it would be wise to stick with cubase as i have got to know it pretty well but what i wanted to ask you guys is if you think its worth purchasing cubase 4?

Its a lot of money so i really need to consider the pros and cons of buying such a program.

Your opinions?

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02-08-2008 17:38


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Instead of Cubase 4 the best bet is Studio 4 at about £170, unless you have a specific requirement for surround sound or one of the extra VST plug-ins. I read SOS magazine review for Cubase 4 before buying (not sure what issue, around Dec 2006 I think) which is really worth the read.
11-08-2008 13:40
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I bought Cubase 4 when It came out way back when. Never looked back.
Especially since it took them so long to crack it!

So yeah, if you can afford it. Buy it.
Definitely worth it.



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For producing strictly Drum n Bass sound, my best suggestion is Cubase 5 Essential. Cheap and worth for your way to success.

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11-03-2010 15:40

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I m Boazdexter. Today I use this forum first. I learn very much from your forum. Please give me more guidance related to cubase 4. I am very happy after using this forum.

Thank You.

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25-08-2010 08:30
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