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dnb nick

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hi all
is there any way i can cut up a tune in recycle and export the bass into another program and work on that.
20-05-2008 23:30
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Hmmm ...

ReWire !?

Rex files are for Reason only nah !!

You could use these programs for example ...

1. Audacity
2. Cool edit pro [Adobe audition]
3. Sony Soundforge

To cut up sound files and export in various formats, wav, mp3, aif, etc ...

Audacity is a free program by the way.

And here´s a in depth 16 minute video tutorial on everything ReCycle. Bigup !

*Edit. On one note it would be damn hard to seperate individual sounds from a tune.
If you want to use samples from a song,
I think the best thing would be to find bits you can use and chop them up so they can be used as loops or stabs.


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