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thechronic thechronic is a male


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Hehe I made a sample pack containing a few analog basses, check it out in the samples page Drummer

Setup used:
  • Sequential Circuits Sixtrak analog synthesizer
  • Sherman Filterbank analog filter
  • TL Audio C-5021 analog tube compressor
  • TL Audio EQ-2011 analog tube equalizer

Grime overload!! BTW I'm not sure about the tuning. All samples are played in C, but it's possible the tuning is off. I forgot to bring my tuner with me when I went to pick up the gear yesterday My Mistake

And there are 2 shermans in that pic but one of them has a broken power supply, couldn't use it Frown

thechronic has attached this image (reduced version):

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favorites: gritbass_sub3 and gritbass_deep2, the movement, the depth.

i saw a prototype of the new sherman filterbank, theRestyler, some weeks ago, looking fine, sounding nice.

check here

a myspace
my tunes
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Tomos Tomos is a male


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Nice one. For me, the subs and the reese will come in handy.

Don't forget to mention the pack on the homepage. Wink

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BattleDrone BattleDrone is a male
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Totally agree on the sub stuff... warm and huge!

Thanks Bigup

Check my soundcloud (exclusive tracks on there)
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the creator!!!!!

big ups


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biggups chron Drummer

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D2o D2o is a male


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Originally posted by thechronic

[*]Sherman Filterbank analog filter

Gaga Drool


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thx chronic

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Surya Surya is a male
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One of the better packs if you ask me!

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