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The old user ranks 'moderating producer' and 'DJ' have been removed. There were only 10 users in total in these groups, so I guess it was pretty useless anyway.

FYI the remaining ranks are:

Standard ranks:
  • administrator: me, omnipotent
  • super moderator: moderators that can read and edit all forums
  • moderator: moderators that can edit a specific forum, but read everything
  • user: regular registered users, can post in regular forums, but not upload tracks or access private forums
  • guest: visitors that have not registered, can not post and only view public forums
  • non-activated user: user that has registered but has not activated their account by clicking on the link in the activation email
  • banned user: users that have been banned, their login has been disabled

Special ranks:
  • contributor: can access the 'articles' private forum
  • producer: can access the 'producers' private forum and upload tracks
  • sponsor: users that have donated, can access the 'sponsors' private forum, and add various bling bling to their user name

It is possible to have multiple ranks btw.

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drumnbass.be forum » Urban area » Drumnbass.be news » Old user ranks removed